Bioindustria L.I.M. : Our History

"... founded in 1932 ..."

The company was founded in 1932 and started with the production of National Formulary preparations. During Second World War the facility was heavily damaged and, after the end of the war, was reconstructed and started the manufacture of organ extracts and enzymes for its brand pharmaceuticals.
At the same time it developed a successful line of original chemical and biological brand drugs.
In the sixties a new chemical plant was built with the purpose to supply the active principles to its Pharmaceutical Specialities.

   The activities of the company are:

  • Production of large volume I.V. Solutions
  • Production of Generic Drug Products
  • Manufacturing and marketing of bulk active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry

The manufacturing of API is carried out at the recently constructed plant in Fresonara near Novi Ligure.

Established with the intention to support its own pharmaceutical activities, the Fresonara plant has in a very short time, improved the efficiency of the overall organisation by increasing its production capacity.

At present time, Biondustria L.I.M. is able to offer both a large range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in bulk for pharmaceutical industry and also to develop specialist custom synthesis for 'highly demanding' customers.

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